Tekes are back

Jun 17 Everyday TKE Heroes
In the Summer 2014 issue of THE TEKE, we introduced our first two Every Day TKE Heroes. These fraters have made an impact on Tekes lives by just being Tekes. We are currently seeking nominations for the Fall 2014 issue of THE TEKE for Every Day TK...
Jun 17 Danny Klopfenstein Joins TKE Professional Staff
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Offices of the Grand Chapter is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Tau Kappa Epsilon Professional Staff, Frater Danny Klopfenstein. Frater Klopfenstein will serve TKE as the Communications Specialist. In this r...
Jun 11 What Does Headquarters Actually Do - Alumni Volunteers
In this episode of What Does Headquarters Actually Do, the Offices of the Grand Chapter will showcase the work of the Regional Directors and the alumni volunteers. In its current model, TKE Nation is divided into 4 Regions based on geography and b...
Jun 4 What Does Headquarters Actually Do - Blueprint
The Blueprint is a four year member development program that is administered through the Offices of the Grand Chapter. The Blueprint aligns with our ritual which has four stages in the life of a Teke.
Jun 2 Historic Recruitment Goal Achieved
A historic occasion was achieved this week for Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. For the first time since 1993, TKE has recruited and initiated over 4,000 new men for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. On average, the 271 chapters and colonies i...